Which Lotus Are You?

I didn’t know much about lotus plants when I started learning meditation. I knew they were deeply symbolic to Buddhists, but I didn’t really know why. One day, my meditation teacher — a Buddhist monk from Thailand — shared with me the three main stages of development in the life of a lotus plant. It … More Which Lotus Are You?

Spiritual Atheism

A few years ago I had a phone conversation with a former business colleague who was having difficulty believing that I had left my consulting career and enrolled in seminary. He said I was “too rational to believe in God.” I asked about the God he doesn’t believe in, and he described the stereotypical old … More Spiritual Atheism

Pearl Harbor

I was teaching English as a Second Language in 2001 when the movie Pearl Harbor was released. Three of the students in my class were Japanese men. One of these men had a relative who was involved in the attack on Pearl Harbor. All three of these men had family members who died when the US dropped atomic bombs on Hiroshima and … More Pearl Harbor