Support Groups

Stress infiltrates every part of our lives, it seems. So how can it be managed? How can we make our lives easier? How can we possibly have a “calm heart” with all this craziness that’s happening in our lives?

We have collected several practical tools for stress management, and we make them available to anyone who wants more peace in their lives. Our support groups are open to people who are trying to manage acute or chronic stress, whether resulting from a negative stressor such as depression, family conflict, divorce, addiction, PTSD, grief, etc. or a positive stressor such as a new business or job promotion, a new baby, an elderly parent moving in, etc. We typically meet once a week for four weeks, and we guarantee that you will leave each session with an effective stress management tool. We will make several resources available to you, including a book that you help to create. It will become your personal reference, ready whenever challenging times make their way into your life again.

All support groups are provided on a love offering basis. No one will be turned away. We believe in paying it forward, and hope you’ll be able to help someone else as a result of what you learn.

Wherever you are on your life’s journey, you are welcome. There are no judgments or expectations, and confidentiality is strictly maintained. Please give us a call or use our Contact form to schedule a new event, or take a look at our Events page to see if we already have something lined up near you. We look forward to meeting you!