Kevin has shown himself to be highly intelligent, compassionate, a strong communicator, and a tireless advocate who has demonstrated impressive cultural awareness and sensitivity. His presence is that of a compassionate, competent professional.

Kevin brings a calm and reassuring presence into his interactions. He is a good listener, gentle persuader, and wise in his guidance and counsel. He can challenge without being offensive and can be instructive without being condescending.

Kevin was not only professional, he was an exemplary leader keeping his team focused on the task at hand and avoiding the “noise” that surrounded us…. It was very refreshing to work with someone who understood that true leadership is about service.

Kevin has shown the capacity to integrate the intellectual with the emotional. He demonstrates the necessary awareness, skills, and compassion to be with people in moments of crisis, fear, bereavement and loss as well as celebrating everyday moments.

One of Kevin’s strengths is the diversity inherent in his own faith journey and his appreciation for each individual’s unique journey of faith. Kevin also has very good teaching and communication skills that are tempered with a sense of humor, spontaneity, and seasoned wisdom.

Kevin is authentic and transparent. There is an integrity in him which allows others to open up to their own truth.

Kevin proved to have good conflict resolution skills [and] showed perseverance, tolerance, and integrity. He is open to suggestion, generous with support for others, and a gentleman with remarkable grace.

You are so good at one you do. I am honored to have you on my team.