Weddings, etc.

Blake3aOne of the joys of being ordained is officiating at weddings and witnessing what is often the most sacred day in a couple’s life.

I have over twenty years of interfaith ministry experience and have served as a pastor as well as a chaplain for several health care organizations including Mayo Clinic Health System and the US Department of Veterans Affairs. I have been part of weddings and renewal of vows ceremonies in a variety of environments, including churches, hospitals, restaurants, parks, and back yards.

I am a certified stress management counselor, which couples inevitably say was very helpful not only during the planning but also when things don’t always go exactly as planned.

I typically suggest that I meet with each couple 3-4 times before the wedding, but if you already have a counselor I can still officiate your wedding.

I can provide traditional vows or we can use yours. I can also help you write your own vows to make your special day truly personalized.

I can officiate your wedding for $250 – $500, depending on whether you need help with your vows and whether we have one or more of those meetings that I mentioned above. If your wedding is outside the Twin Cities metro area, there would be additional fees for travel expenses.


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