Who We Are

What is Wakhan Mind?

The mind is not the brain. When you ask someone “Do you mind? you’re not asking what they think, you’re asking whether they care. You’re asking how they feel. To be mindful requires a balance between thinking and feeling, between reason and emotion. To mind something (as in “mind your manners”), you must not only pay attention to what you’re doing, but also to whether you’re doing it purposefully and intentionally. It requires awareness of why you’re doing something as well as how. It requires the balance of head and heart.

Wahkan (pronounced “wok on”) is a Lakota name that means sacred. It is used with permission and in honor of Roland/Kote, a young Lakota man who, at age 16, declined the treatments that he said was worse than the cancer that had first appeared the year before. He was Roland when I first met him. Before leaving his earthly life to join Wakan Tanka or the Great Spirit, he legally changed his name to Kote, which in Lakota means no fear. He lived up to the name.

The mission of Wahkan Mind is to provide tools that help people to be motivated by compassion and guided by wisdom.

Kevin Bradley has an unusually diverse background that includes being a communications consultant for Fortune 100 corporations such as AT&T, IBM, and UPS, and a chaplain for the US Department of Veterans Affairs, Mayo Clinic Health System, and several regional hospitals. OnMelKev092215e of Kevin’s focus areas is mental health, especially Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder, depression, and addictions. He has a master’s degree in interfaith counseling and certification as a Critical Incident Stress Management counselor. He’s also been a professional musician and once met Paul McCartney (all together now — “ooh aah”).

Melanie Raine proudly boasts of her credentials being NSW (No Credentials Whatsoever). While she occasionally acts as facilitator, she prefers being in the background, running the business so Kevin can do his thing. You know what they say — “Behind every successful man is a strong, wise, hard-working woman.” Her salt-and-pepper background includes over twenty years’ experience in office management, bookkeeping, grant writing, website design, project management, training, IT support, and program support.

We so often hear, “I never thought of it that way before!” or “Thank you. You have given me hope.” That’s why we do what we do.

If you get just one thing from our website, we hope it is this: be gentle with yourself. Believe in yourself, whatever is going on in your life. You are important, you do matter, and it’s going to be okay.